Project Management

Mgr. Jakub Zeman

Phone: +420 54949 6795
Mobile: +420 777 927 011

Project manager

Jakub Zeman has got his background in neuropsychology and has been a research project manager of the CEITEC Grant Office since 2011. He has been participating in preparation of a number of successful international research project proposals mainly on neuroscience and biomedicine, such as ncRNAPain (FP7 COOPERATION); BIOMARKAPD and APGeM (JPND) and individual projects of international mobility: IMABIOPD and ENDOSCHIZO (SoMoPro - FP7 COFUND), VULDE (FP7 PEOPLE, MCA-IEF), DEBRASA (H2O2O MSCA-IF). 

His focus is providing customised support to young researchers applying for MSCA-IF grants and currently is developing a systematic MSCA trainings course and “hands-on” workshop (MSCA MasterClass). He attended several trainings in FP7 and H2020 project proposal preparation (Yellow Research, Hyperion, Europa Media).

He is a member of the Steering Committee of CoBeN and together his colleague from CEITEC Grant Administration Department, Terezie Schönová, her role is to take care of a smooth implementation of the project.

Mgr. Michaela Musilová

Phone: +420 54949 7320

Project Manager